June, 2009

Dear everyone,

Welcome to my site!

I am so glad that you took the time to come and visit my new homepage and took an interest in my skating career and what I’ve been up to recently.

As you know, I competed at the 2009 world figure skating championships in the Staples Center earlier this year. However, I was not able to compete at my best. Following my 4 th place finish at the Karl Schaeffer Memorial in Austria earlier in the season I injured my right foot. At first we didn’t know what it was when nothing came up on the MRI, but the pain persisted and I was sent to the Wingate Sport Institute in Israel where they discovered that I had a stress fracture in my right talus heel bone. By the time I was finally diagnosed it was already the beginning of January and I had been off the ice for a month and a half. It then took another month and a half for my foot to heel and I therefore had to miss the European Championships.

I finally returned to the ice at the end of February in Monsey, NY, at the Sportorama Complex, my home rink. It’s a two-rink facility, with a gym next door and plenty of ice time for me whenever I need it. It was nice to be back with my coaches and in the very supporting atmosphere that Sporotrama provides. Needless to say, after over five months off the ice, it was difficult to return. My feet hurt, my legs hurt, my body hurt, and I knew that I had to compete at the world championships in three weeks time!! I had no idea what I was going to do. I was falling on backward crossovers! My federation, my coaches, and I decided that it was in my best interest to compete at the world championships regardless of my condition because I had no competed the entire year and the following season would be an Olympic season. Therefore, I went to the world championships with only doubles, without any expectations, and with the only goal of having fun and portraying Scarlet O’Hara as best as I could (my short program music is to Gone with the Wind).

I skated my short program as best as I could at the time with only double jumps. I was surprised when my score and the results came. I was placed 25 th out of a field of 55 ladies with only double jumps!! I was only a point away from qualifying for the long program. Honestly, I was a bit relieved that I hadn’t qualified for the long program since I had not run it even once since returning the ice a few weeks earlier. I guess I learned that in this new judging system you can’t take the non-jump elements for granted. It is just as important to have good spins, footwork, and spirals as it is to have solid jumps. The key is to have a full and complete program with the whole package.

I am glad I participated at the worlds so that I can apply what I have learned to my season this year. Considering the importance of this season (Olympic year), we have decided to keep my programs from last season that Lea Ann Miller choreographed for me, short program to Gone with the Wind and long program to Gershwin’s Concerto in F.

Following the world championships I started training intensively to regain my triples jumps. Sounds ironic that I would do this after the world championships…after nearly six months of not doing any triples it was not an easy process. I’d get sore a lot, pull muscles, my foot would hurt and my consistency, feeling, and timing were practically non-existent. Eventually, though, I did manage to get my jumps back. Unfortunately, the minute I got just a few jumps back I already had to try and start to put them in my program.

We have decided to start my season early this year and I will be participating in my first competition at the end of this month at Lake Placid.

Right now I’m on the bus on my return home from Boston. My coach went away for vacation for ten days and during this time my coaches decided to send me to Boston to train with Mark Mitchell and Peter Johansson at the Skating Club of Boston. I stayed in Brookline with the Israeli Consul’s family. This family used to live on my street back when my family lived in Maryland. It was very generous of them to have me stay at their place and I enjoyed their company immensely.

Skating at the Skating Club of Boston was a good experience. I wasn’t aware of the club’s history and found it charming that they have weekly exhibitions and club dinners. The location of the club, right outside Cambridge and the Harvard Campus and many other top universities is notable. I went to see Newbery Street and was excited by the fact that around ninety percent of the people walking around were my age. You can definitely feel the student life in Boston.

Unfortunately, on my last day skating at Boston, I took a wacky fall on my shoulder. I can’t really move it right now, but it’s just a pulled muscle and I just need to rest it for a few days. Skating, like all other roads, has many bumps and as much as I enjoy speeding on a clean road, there is always going to be some bump that I have to maneuver.

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